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Tree of Life Group

What is the Tree of Life?

The Tree of Life is a simple group exercise based on the idea of using the tree as a metaphor to share stories about life. It is designed to highlight existing strengths and skills, encourage alternative storylines to the “problem saturated” narrative and increase a sense of connectedness with self, family and community.

The Ground = The present – Where are the important places in your life now? Who are the important people in your life now? What are the important things happening now?

The Roots = The past – Where do you come from? Who do you come from? What are the important things in your history (whether they are good, bad or other)? Who are the people, places, animals and things throughout your life that have had a significant impact on you? (e.g. historical events, family members, significant teachers or those of influence, friends, care givers, pets, books, toys, music, toys etc.)

The Trunk = You – your skills and knowledge, the things you can do, the qualities you possess, what makes you the person you are (e.g. serious, tolerant, kind, silly, practical joker etc.). What roles do you play in your life (e.g. sibling, son/daughter, partner, parent, artist, environmentalist, student). What are the acts of kindness you show others? Where did you learn these things? What was important to you about this?

The Branches = The future – your hopes, dreams and wishes for yourself (e.g. to have a safe and happy family, to travel, to feel calm, to not have to worry about money, to become a teacher, to have new friends etc.)

The Leaves = The important, valued people in your life – from the past and present (e.g. family, friends, carers, teachers, other people of significant influence.)

The Fruit = Gifts you have received from the important, valued people in your life (e.g. safety, love, support, kindness, education, income, laughter). Why were you given these gifts? What is it about you that meant people gave you these gifts? What fruits have you given to others?


Groups run for six weeks meeting once per week for 1.5 hours. Maximum 6 participants. Groups are held at The Gatepost. Please contact us for more information.