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Horse Wisdom Program

What is the Horse Wisdom Program?

The Horse Wisdom Program is a simple group exercise based on spending time in relationship with horses for the purpose of helping people inhabit their bodies; learn about themselves, their relationships, and the patterns they may have that no longer serve them. The horses challenge and support people to develop awareness, authenticity, self-supports and wellness skills.

The program covers:

Awareness – of the here and now, of what is happening for you inside your body, in your mind and outside your body.
Boundaries – your “yes” and your “no”, what feels okay for you and what is not okay for you in each moment – spatial, touch and verbal.
Relationships – connecting safely and in trust, listening, understanding give and take and communicating boundaries.
Feelings – as information about what is happening for you and how to notice, tolerate and express feelings respectfully.
Thinking – noticing and bringing in to awareness what you think and what you say to yourself about self, others, life.
Facing Life’s Challenges – identifying the skills needed to face challenges and learning to respond healthfully in the moment.

Horses model health for us as they live in their bodies in the present moment rather than the future or the past, they are aware of what is happening inside and around them, they use their feelings as information and they offer authentic relationship.

No previous experience with horses is necessary and sessions occur on the ground only – no horse-back riding is involved.


Groups run for six weeks meeting once per week for 2 hours. Maximum 6 participants . Groups are held at "Ngiyaani", 10km from Gunnedah. Please contact us for more information.

This program was developed by the Equine Psychotherapy Institute.

Sarah is registered with the Equine Psychotherapy Institute as an Equine Assisted Psychotherapy practitioner.

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