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Our Four Legged Friends

A little bit about Ned

Ned is a 15hh brown bay quarter horse x gelding with a tendency to think and behave like a stallion. Ned has been learning to work at liberty and loves to show off his tricks. He is not a naturally affectionate fellow and takes a while to warm up to folk, but he has a generous heart and is very clever. Ned came to us after having a crack at campdrafting and discovering he was a bit too slow to get the better of the beasties.

A little bit about Lucy

Lucy is a beautiful kind 15hh orange bay heritage mare with a gigantic barrel belly that makes her look perpetually in foal. She loves nothing more than being brushed and pampered and will stand for hours to accomodate any willing human. As long as Lucy understands what is being asked of her, she will work gently and patiently all day with folk.

A little bit about Montana

Montana is a cheeky grey 12.1hh pony mare who rules the roost. Coming to us after having experienced some differences of opinion with previous owners that had left her a bit cranky with all humans, she has since recovered a level of trust and is a kind and willing helper. There is nothing Montana won't try and her curiosity makes her a lovely co-worker.

A little bit about Ralph, Mabel and Ollie

In May 2017, three new additions joined the equine herd. Ralph, Mable and Ollie are all mini ponies. Ralph is a dapper young fellow with sumptuous locks of flowing black hair; so thick it is a wonder he can see at all! He is calm and friendly and seeks constant contact with any human he can beg a pat from.

Mabel is a lovely little mule, her daddy was a donkey, although there is almost no sign of him in her at all! Mabel is curious and sweet. She wants to explore everything around her and is happiest when there is some food to munch on!

Ollie is the baby; he has yet to be handled very much, but is kind and quiet and even though he has not been around humans much, is inquisitive and quick to learn. We are excited to welcome all three minis to our herd and look forward to getting to know them better.


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